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Top 10 Android Apps for Rooted Device in 2016

Here is the list of top 10 Android Apps for Rooted Smartphone available in 2016. Android is the only Smartphone OS which enables and happily allows you to customize user experience to the fullest. Let it be changing the user interface or installing custom ROM, let it

Top Battery Saver Apps for Windows Phone 8.1

Every Smartphone is a battery hogger whether it is an Android Smartphone or a Windows based Phone or even an iPhone. All of these phones will get their battery drained out as quickly as possible if necessary steps are not taken, thanks to multi-processing capabilities. The main

How to Backup Data on Windows Phone 8.1

Here is the guide to Backup data in Windows Phone 8.1, read the guide to get more details. Smartphones are now becoming smarter than ever before and they are designed to automatically do all of the daily stuff for the user without their supervision and manually creating

How to Root Any Android Phone in 2016

Here is the working guide to easily Root any Android Smartphone, kindly read the post to know more Android is the most widely used mobile OS. Every other second there are around 10k of Android phones becoming active all around the globe. The reason for this incredible

Top 5 Web Browsers for Android Device 2016

Here are the top and best Web Browsers for Android 2016, this is the latest list, please read the whole article to know more. With the Android becoming more and more popular and being used all around the globe equally, they have become more than just a communication

Top 5 Trending Android Tablets Of 2016

This is 21st century and needless to say that Technology is booming these days. It has created its value in every field and spread its roots to everywhere, from big screen Smartphones to powerful Tablets, etc. We human are now totally dependent on technology. It has given

How to Reduce Lagging in Android Devices

It’s very easy to reduce lagging the Android Smartphone. Kindly check out the complete guide here. Smartphones are becoming a part of our daily life, and needless to say that none of us wants to be slow in any aspect. And the same applies to the Android