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Top 5 Trending Android Tablets Of 2016

This is 21st century and needless to say that Technology is booming these days. It has created its value in every field and spread its roots to everywhere, from big screen Smartphones to powerful Tablets, etc. We human are now totally dependent on technology. It has given

Top 5 Photo Apps For iPhone 2016

Here is the list of Top 5 Photo Apps for iPhone in 2016. Kindly check the list given here. Photography is just not a process of creating images but a passion built with twin brother, art and science, and a talent of focusing a click. Do you

How To Activate Hibernate On Windows 8

Hibernate is the term that refers to a state of in-activeness of your PC, which is derived from the word “Hibernation” that is characterized as slow heart rate, slow breathing and low body temperature of any physical body. As far as your PC is concern, on applying

How to Tether via Bluetooth in Android Devices

Tethering is the process of sharing of internet connection between two devices. In Android phones and tablets, tether helps to share internet connections with another devices. It is also possible in case of connecting a laptop or a PC through Wi-Fi, USB cable or over Bluetooth. Tethering

How To Create A Facebook Page Without Its Name

“A page without name”, doesn’t it seems a bit mysterious and interesting? You might have gone through different Facebook pages, you might have engaged with their posts, functions, any many such things. However, have you seen any Facebook Page without its name? Don’t scratch your head. Well today

5 Stylish Weather Apps For iOS

With your iPhone you might have got a weather app but are you happy with that default offering? Doesn’t the default applications lacks in features and style quotient? So, we’ve come up with some awesome and stylish weather apps for your iOS. Checking out the weather forecast