How to Backup Data on Windows Phone 8.1

Here is the guide to Backup data in Windows Phone 8.1, read the guide to get more details.

Smartphones are now becoming smarter than ever before and they are designed to automatically do all of the daily stuff for the user without their supervision and manually creating tasks to run.

Such is the case of backup, in Windows Phone this task is quite easily done and that too without need of any extra applications. Talking about the Android phones, there are tons of apps that does the same objective of backing up apps and other user data.

In Android system, the best way to backup data is by using titanium backup. However, when it comes to Windows phone, it is done in pretty simple way using an inbuilt option.


As far as Windows community is concerned, there are tons of apps, although those are less than that of the Android. Also, you cannot install all apps permanently on your phone as it might degrade the system performance and glitches might appear.

For this, you can backup rarely used app and restore them when you need to use them. There may be some other cases too, such as if you are planning hard resetting your device, than you should backup all apps and restore them after resetting to save some bucks of your internet bandwidth.

Backing up Apps and Data in Windows Phone 8

In previous versions of Windows Phone such as Windows Phone 7, backup and restoring was a tedious task. Although it is far simpler in Windows Phone 8 as all of the options are provided built-in.

Additionally, Apps and their respective data can be backed up easily but one question that every Windows Phone users ask is, how they can back-up all the messages and other system settings of their phone?


Well, Introduction of Windows Phone 8 put an end to all of these problems with providing all the facilities integrated in the system, only requirement is the knowledge of how it works. In spite of all this it is not a complete solution as it will upload all of the backup data to the sky drive account associated with the phone. Here is how you can do it.

  • For App+Settings: Open Settings >> Backup. A switch to enable to disable option to backup will now appear along with backup now button. Toggle the switch to enable.
  • Windows-phone-8-backup
  • For Messaging: Open Settings >> Backup. Slide to messaging and toggle switch to turn it on.


The above process follows to keep your device’s data backup on the sky drive servers, and for this a working WiFi high speed connectivity will be required for uploading all of the bulk data on the associated Sky Drive Account. If you want to backup all music, videos and images of your device on your PC, then it is rather simple.


There is tool called “Windows Phone sync tool” which once installed on the target computer will allow sync of all Windows Phone data onto the computer.


This was all that you need to do to backup Music, Videos, Images, Apps and other system data on sky drive servers and on PC. However, it is not possible to backup the apps onto the PC or in the device external memory, which is quite disappointing when compared to Android System.

Here is the working and best guide to Backup important data and files in Windows Phone 8.1 and I think that you enjoyed it a lot.

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