Top 10 Android Apps for Rooted Device in 2016

Here is the list of top 10 Android Apps for Rooted Smartphone available in 2016.

Android is the only Smartphone OS which enables and happily allows you to customize user experience to the fullest. Let it be changing the user interface or installing custom ROM, let it be personalizing your device functions or tweaking from upside down, you can do everything you want with your Android device with ease.

Although some of the stuff might be harmful too, but playing with rooted Android Device has its own perks.

Talking about the simple or un-rooted device, there is lot you can add to your device in context of apps and games. However, benefits do comes with some limitations.

Rooting an Android device lets you cross the boundations set by your manufacturer to customize your device. Rooting can be related to Jail-breaking in iOS.

Rooted Device

Most of the Android device whatever the version may be, can be rooted and follow a distinct process of being rooted. You can find a whole process of rooting your Android device at XDA forum.

Best Android Apps for Rooted Phone

Once you have rooted your device, you’ll be welcomed to the new world of Android. Though it is just a literal thought, world remains the same. Rooting gives you root access, in other words it is similar to running windows in administrator mode controlling shell commands.

There are several apps that require rooted device for functioning as needed. These are the apps that are going to make your device more customized and boosted.

And here is the list of 10 such apps which you must get for your rooted device.

#1. SuperUser

SuperUser is used to grant root access to other apps. It is installed automatically after your device is rooted, uninstalling this app might make you system high potential to threats and security breach.

As there will be no control over the device and the apps installed, all process will be automatically controlled and so the threats. Also, this will give a complete list of apps having root access which you can remove too.


#2. Titanium Backup

Titanium backup is a must have app if you are a person for whom changing ROMS is like changing clothes. Using titanium backup, a complete backup of the device or ROM can be backed up easily. However, for making this happen you need to buy the app as some features are unavailable in the free version.

Titanium Backup

#3. ShootMe

This app is for earlier versions of Android which do not have screenshot feature. ShootMe is a screenshot taker app which triggers itself when shaked. Yes, just shake your device and capture! However, the trigger can be changed to some other keys of functions too.


#4. Metamorph

Using Metamorph, any part of the Android system can be themed. However, this theming is not an easiest task in the world. There are plenty of already defined classes by other users which you can try out. Parts of the system that can be themed include lock screen, menu screen, individual apps, etc.


#5. Adfree

As the name suggests, it will block all of the ads popping up in your Android device, no matter whatever be the browser. It is remarkably good and doesn’t slow down you system. And yes, this app will not work if your device is not rooted. So, no more apps!


#6. SSH Tunnel

SSH tunnel is an app that allows internet connectivity using a tunnel. This is very important for people who use Wi-Fi connectivity in public place. In such cases security breach is commonly observed. SSH tunnel encrypts all incoming and outgoing data to make connection more secure.

SSH Tunnel

#7. Tasker

If you wants to be lazy and do not want your phone to be manually operated for common tasks. Tasker is an app that lets you automate your device to a greater extent. Using tasker, everything can be optimized and automated to have a spectacular experience.


#8. SetCPU

As the name suggests, SetCPU lets you change the clocking speed of your processor easily. It is the easiest way of under-clocking or over-clocking your device’s processor. However, doing such activities might brick up your device, so be careful in optimizing.


#9. Seeder

Seeder is on such app which you must use, if your device lags. Seeder alternates the entropy pool of the device with a custom pool making your device lag free. This works quite amazingly in such a way that you won’t experience even a single glitch.


#10. BusyBox

BusyBox embeds Linux to your Android device, of which Android is actually developed. It gives access to all major Linux commands, making other terminal emulator worthless. However, it is kind of developer app but can be useful sometimes.


So, you’ve the list of must have apps for your rooted Android device, it’s the time to start personalizing and customizing your Android Device in the way you want your device to be!

I hope that you enjoyed this guide or list of the best Android Apps for Rooted Phone in 2016.

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