Top 10 Must Have Apps For Windows Phone 8.1 (2016)

Here is the list of best Apps for Windows Phone 8.1 which you can surely enjoy.

Smartphones are at best when loaded with useful apps. Although Android have gained much of user’s attention over the years but Windows is now considered as the better option to Android Smartphones.

Main reason behind Android’s success is its clear-cut interface, simple navigation and user applications. Comparable Windows Phone 8.1 lags in some features.

Its interface is a bit complicated and user may take sometimes to actually get using to it, also app store does not contain such huge number of offering of similar apps when compared to Android marketplace. In spite of all this, once you use Windows Phone, Android may a bit monotonous.

apps Talking about the applications on Windows Phone, there are not as many apps as Android have. But those are sufficiently enough. Here is the list of all those apps that you must have in your windows phone for sure.

#1 Facebook

It doesn’t matter how much busy person you are, there is always time for having a glance at your Facebook feed. It would be made time conservative if you don’t have to login and logout again and again.

Using Facebook app for Windows phone does this. It seamlessly integrates in the device and synchronizes contacts with Facebook servers according to the name.


#2 Skype

Got a video phone? Use Skype for video conferencing. Although your partner need not to be on the same OS, as it is even available for Java. Skype is free video conferencing service application available on Windows, MAC, Android, iOS and windows PC too.

It uses your data connectivity to be able to have video calling features. Along with video, you can also send text messages just as in WhatsApp and other messengers.


#3 Yelp

Yelp helps to find out local business around you. It uses you GPS connectivity to located and show different local shops such as a restaurant, a bar, a gas station and much more. It also provides the details of the business you are looking for that is about the shop. Additionally you can read reviews about the shop and write a one too.


#4 The Weather Channel

This is the app that informs you about the weather conditions of your city. It contains a detailed forecast of upcoming days, so you can plan out things for future easily. Additionally, other cities can be added in the list to have information about them too.

The Weather Channel

#5 Twitter

Twitter is the second most popular social network after Facebook. Using twitter is very simple; just write in 140 words, upload photos, share links, retweet, etc. All of these features are packed in its application package. Its interface is same as that can be seen in the mobile version of the website, although it can run offline showing cached tweets.


#6 Netflix

Netflix is an app for watching streaming videos online. It collects relevant information about the source videos from Facebook, YouTube and sorts them according to the relevancy of them being watched. It is a must app if watching online videos is an hourly task for you.


#7 Pandora

Pandora is a streaming music service. It allows you to have access to various music stations all around the globe to listen music. It features a list of all stations sorted put on the basis of Genre, Location, Language and many others.


#8 Vine

Vine is a video sharing service, specifically an app that allows you to have video sharing among you social group on vine. Also, you will be able to view video of the people you are connected with.


#9 WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a free messenger that allows messages to be sent over data connection. Almost all smartphone OS whether Windows, iOS or Android support this app. Thus increasing user density, using this application messages can be sent all around the world. Only required thing is the phone number with which the user is registered.


#10 6Tag

6tag is an official Instagram app for Windows Phone 8. Instgram is a photo sharing service; it is also a social network just as Facebook. However, it only allows sharing of photos. Along with uploading photos, they can also be edited using the plugins and filters available in the app.

I think that you really enjoyed and liked this list of the best Apps for Windows 8.1 in 2016.

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