Top 5 Web Browsers for Android Device 2016

Here are the top and best Web Browsers for Android 2016, this is the latest list, please read the whole article to know more.

With the Android becoming more and more popular and being used all around the globe equally, they have become more than just a communication device intended to make and receive calls.

The phone of today are replacing the mark of personal computer, as these phones possesses all the functionalities that can be done on a personal computer whether it is concerned for just listening music or making presentations and others. One such aspect is surfing web. It is the biggest aspect of all times as it has made market of smartphones grow.

It is no more an era of us going to Internet cafes and searching content for hours; as technological changes are vast and everything can be found with our phones browser. Browsers play a vital role when it comes to surfing experience on the web.

There are a whole range of browsers, although some are of no use and are just clones of already developed and popular browsers. Here is the list of top 5 web browsers that you should be using on your Android device.



Chrome for Android is Google owned web browser, the same what you’ve been using on your desktop. It seamlessly integrates with your device, along with synchronization with your desktop chrome browser.


It automatically imports all bookmarks, cookies and setting from desktop browser once you have signed in using same Google account. It is fast and regularly updated making your surfing more secure. Although if you have a low end phone it might lag a bit sometimes when used for hours, and additionally, for earlier versions of Android such as Froyo and Gingerbread, it is not available.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browser is the most popular browser among all. It is due to it intuitive controls and a refreshing interface. It has a speed dialing option such as that can be seen in opera; however it looks quite good with high graphics.

Also a dedicated app store has been added in the browser to have a quicker reach to download apps. Various add-ons can be added to it to have some extra features such as converting a web page to a pdf file and much more. Customization of the browser can be done which includes changing of the background, color font, etc.

However, making such customizations might lower device performance. Dolphin Browser is compatible with Android V2.1 and above.

Dolphin Browser

Opera Classic or Opera Mini

Opera is as much popular as Chrome when it comes to Smartphones, and many of us might be using this from years on Java phones. However, many things have changed for newer versions of Opera for Android.

In earlier version of opera and opera mini no changes were seen, but more and more updates have been made to its interface for making it more intuitive and fast too. However, the latest offering lacks in its feature of saving data. Apart from that, it is very fast and smooth, probably the best in opening pages in minimum time.

It has an in-built download manager which is as fast as its browser. It has some distinct features as private browsing, off road mode, popup blocker, etc.

Opera Classic or Opera Mini

Boat Browser

Boat browser is among the most used browsers, although it seems to be based on a stolen idea from others. It can be considered as a combination of features of Opera, Dolphin and some other browsers.

It has an add-on directory which is more or less same as that can be seen in dolphin browser. Performance is quite good when tested on high end phone, however lags in low end devices. Browsing speed is comparably good with smooth scrolling and nice interface.

Boat Browser

UC Browser

UC browser is one the most popular browser in the Google play store. It is available in two variants UC Browser and UC browser mini. UC browser mini is a light version, and can be used in devices unable to bear the heavy graphics of UC Browser.

However, both use the same internal algorithm, and have a lightning fast download speed, along with a fairly fast browsing speed. It has some distinct features as QR scanner, web page pre load, theme customization, etc.

UC Browser

These are the top 5 web browsers for Android device used all over the globe. In case you’re using something different and wants to share with us, drop your comments.

I hope that you surely enjoyed this guide on top web browsers Android 2016.

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