Top Battery Saver Apps for Windows Phone 8.1

Every Smartphone is a battery hogger whether it is an Android Smartphone or a Windows based Phone or even an iPhone. All of these phones will get their battery drained out as quickly as possible if necessary steps are not taken, thanks to multi-processing capabilities.

The main causes of the battery drainage are the regular usage of phone in context to data connectivity and others too. Also, the background apps play a crucial role in deciding the battery life of a Windows phone 8.1

All of the problems are to be taken care of, by taking respective measures. Isn’t it?

Battery Saver Apps

So, if you are inspired enough in getting the solutions by or this issue, you can employ some apps that could optimize your phone in a better way. Such is the category of battery saver apps. There are tons of apps that you might have noticed. Here are top 3 of them which serve the objective best.

Lumia battery Saver and Booster

Lumia battery saver is designed for Nokia Lumia phone. However, you can use it on any other Windows Phone 8.1. This apps concludes certain algorithms that automatically takes care of the background apps and your phone’s other settings too. Basically, it has four modes as can be seen in the info graphic Default, Normal, Super and Instant saver modes.

Lumia battery Saver and Booster

Each of the mode works as specified by the developer. These modes will automatically be applied corresponding to the battery level of the device. However, they can also be manually tweaked.

Battery Saver BY BBQ Games

Here is another battery saver app which you can try out if you didn’t like the Lumia battery saver and booster. Using this application is very simple as it pins live tiles to the home screen for faster access.

It alerts the user whenever unusual battery drainage is detected. You can simply save the power by customizing the device as per the app ask you to do.

Battery Saver BY BBQ Games

This app cannot automatically kill or restart certain applications by itself. You as a “user” need to manually configure the device.

This might be considered as a drawback of the app. Although it works superfluous on the device and provides each and every information about the battery of your device.

Battery Saver By Fady

This is yet another Battery Saver App which automatically improves system performance in order to save the battery life. It is quite different app as compared to the others, as it uses a monitoring system to find out what is draining out the battery most. Once it monitors all of the apps, it alerts, prompting to close that particular app.

Battery Saver By Fady

As can be seen that also no automation is achieved, however, this app is a better alternative to the Battery saver by BBQ games. You can freely download this app on the Windows Store. However, being a free application, ads will be displayed in the app.

Those were the top battery saver apps for Windows Phone 8.1, which you can give a try as all of these are freely available on the Windows Store.

Along with using these apps you can also adopt some tips for extending your battery life, such as turning off wifi and Bluetooth when not in use, disabling data connectivity and so on.

If we missed any great Battery Saving app which you’d like to get mentioned in the list, do drop your comments!

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