Why to Root the Android Device – Detailed Guide

Here are the best and top reasons for which you should root your Android Smartphone device.

Android is by far the most viral mobile operating system, breaking all the previous records of other mobile OS such as Symbian, Windows, etc. The main reasons behind this huge success of Android are many, although there are huge amount of users who owns Android just because of the applications available in the market.

This has opened a way to the smartphones. Previously there were such apps available for iPhones and most of the “mango” people were not capable to afford spending 30k+ for just a phone, so they owned a Basic Java phone.

As the technological invents happened, a gradual drop in the prices were observed, this was due to the launch of Google’s Android OS for smartphones.

This was open source, however Google tracked all of the OS and certain apps were not to be skimmed off the OS. This is how certain companies are making 4k Android devices with good configuration.

Compel You to Root Your Android Device

If you think that you have already experienced the whole world of Android, including almost every single feature and minute details, think twice coz there is a lot more to experience.

I bet you might have already heard of Rooting Android device and also certain risks involved in it. There are certain reasons why you should root you device, and if you are certainly thinking of getting your device rooted check out the following reason first.

Install incompatible Apps

Compel You to Root Your Android Device

There are certain apps made incompatible with your device, rooting ignore those incompatibilities. For this, you might need to install some additional market tools which require rooted phones. Also, certain apps which are blocked by your carrier can also be installed if your device is rooted.

Unlock Additional Features

When we talk about hidden feature, they refer to what you can actually see in Moto devices. As Motorola is Google owned, its devices contain all the features that Android actually offers. All of these features can be made available on your phone using a Moto simulator app which requires rooted phone.

Automate Everything

What if I tell you, your phone will automatically turn off at night then start up again in the morning wake you up by an alarm, then automatically send emails at definite time and so on? Yeah! All this is possible. This can be done using some apps such as Tasker, which also requires rooted phone.

Make Your Phone Faster

You can boost your phones speed by over clocking CPU. There are many apps for doing so, all of which requires rooted phone. One of such app is SetCPU.

The same app can also be used to under clock your CPU which will consequently save battery power. Although, there are some more specific apps such as Greenify which will make the process faster.

Compel You to Root Your Android Device

Increase Battery Life

SetCPU can also be used to under-clock your CPU which will consequently save battery power. Although, there are some more specific apps such as greenify which will make the process faster.

Such kind of apps takes over the control of eliminating running process and also to control the device hardware properties such as brightness, timeout, connectivity, etc.

Blocking in App Ads

This is the one of the best reason, as every other app will show you ads running in their apps which can only be removed if you turn data connection off. Using apps such as Adblock, you can easily disable those in-app ads. Such apps also require rooting to work effectively.

Compel You to Root Your Android Device

Backup Every Single Data of your Phone

There are many apps that let you make backups. However, they can never compete without Titanium backup which lets you backup your ROM. There are many other features of this app, which you can refer here! It also requires your phone to be rooted.

Remove BloatWares and Customize your Phone

Bloatware are the app preinstalled in your phone. They cannot be removed if your phone is not rooted. There are certain customizations that will require rooting such as changing font or keyboard style, etc.

Compel You to Root Your Android Device

Installing Custom ROM and KERNEL

Kernel is responsible for how apps communicate with the system hardware while ROM is the interface which users use to communicate with the kernel. Making certain changes in the ROM can make your device faster and attractive too. Both of which will require rooting.

Compel You to Root Your Android Device

So, as you’ve got many great reasons to opt rooting your Android device for tweaking and personalizing your device, here is the Guide to Root your Android Device!

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