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Adam4Adam is a great alternative to some of the currently popular gay dating apps. Useful application for seeking anonymous sexual partners (all the utility of the bar scene without the mayhem, alcoholism, cattiness, and noise… very nice app, you must need to download Adam4Adam APK with Official Latest Android Version.

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About The Adam4Adam

It’s a pretty awesome app in regards to hooking up with hot sexy guys!!! Not too bad a lot of old dudes not enough of young people. All the men are nice and fine and I can’t wait to meet them. Say what you want about adam4adam but at least they notify you of messages, unlike Grindr.

Takes no time to get notifications when people send you a message. The app is great, but it’s annoying to have to switch to the website to view any adult information when that’s the whole point of this website/ app.

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Adam4Adam APK Download for Android


The app has definitely changed for the better. The lay out is much cleaner than before and I’m not having issues where the app would automatically open by itself anymore. Thank for listening A4A. Still got some ways to go, but it’s a lot better.

Adam4Adam apk download

Adam4Adam APK Download [ Latest Version ]

 It’s a gay sex app. Although I don’t use it for that. Great way to meet people over time. I think it is one of the best sites around.

Adam4Adam works with the website and functions adequately, but it has a very unsophisticated feel to it compared to other similar apps. I’m a contributing member but still, get accosted by ads in the app. Other than that I like the app very much…

Gay hookup app A bit better than Grindr as it provides more info about guys and allows for more than one pic in a profile. Thankful they were able to get this back on the play store…Why does it keep disappearing?

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Features of the Adam4Adam

Adam4Adam apk

Happy to see this app back with all the improvements. Location is not accurate and opening messages seems to cause an error
Works great now Previous versions had bugs but the current version works great. Seriously better than the average score calculation.

Full profiles on mobile! Thank you for Finally giving us full-text profiles! One small problem though, words such as “through” and ” thought” are filtered!?! Too many ads as well. Ads on the bottom of the app and ads that constantly pop up when using the app. Fix these issues and you will get five stars.

The latest update is great, however, random letter, whole, and partial words seem to be starred out when viewing profiles, as though there is a profanity filter that gone hokey.

Getting better Still have to open the site in my browser a bit more than I would like and I think that messes with the notifications which are inconsistent. I still feel like its overly censored in the app. I understand that Google Play has policies, but there are several other more popular apps that have things like locked pics and sexual stats that don’t get censored.

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