AllCast Premium APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

Just Awesome I needed a way to view my new Chromecast that I purchased with extremely little knowledge of the product. Found out I needed a media player. Did a little research and decided I’d try All cast. After around 3 months of watching any and everything my heart desires, I’m leaving this review. There IS NO BETTER PLAYER THAN ALLCAST! Spend the 5 bucks and enjoy a wonderful experience with your TV. Download AllCast Premium APK with Official Latest Android Version.

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About The AllCast Premium

Yay! Works well for me, no problems at all. I use it to stream from my HTC One to my entertainment system through my old Droid4 hooked to my tv. This is an amazing app! Much better than miracast. I can’t thank you enough clockworkmod, if I win the lottery I’ll buy you a car or something, you deserve it. 5 stars!

AllCast Premium app allows you to take movies you have stored on your device or on your network (UPnP or dlna media server) and stream them to chromecast so you can watch them on your tv. While doing so you can stop, rewind and fast forward the movie from your tablet/phone. Most important, Playback is extremely fluid. Works very well and I could not be happier than this.

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AllCast Premium APK Download for Android

Best interface/stability Of all the casting apps I’ve tried, this one has the best interface and is the most stable. I just wish I could set it to automatically connect to my Chromecast like I can with Bubble. It’s a bit of a silly step to select it every time since it’s the only device I have. The play/pause button frequently doesn’t play or pause the video.

allcast premium apk download

AllCast Premium APK Download [ Latest Version ]

Worth it. AllCast Premium is amazing! Best app of it’s kind. The developers are constantly working to improve it and make it better for all devices every day. That being said…if you use this for a Chromecast there will be issues half the time. If you use this for a smart TV with a decent-good WiFi signal it will work perfect (I use an LG smart tv) if you use it with a wdtv live it will work 4/5 times. This is hands down my favorite app to have and I really appreciate what the devs do to help us.

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Features of the AllCast Premium

AllCast Premium works great I was using a pirated version of AllCast Premium to see if I liked the app before purchasing. It worked fine with some glitches. I Decided to buy the app and it was more stable. I had issues in the beginning since we have multiple devices (ie nabi/nexus/others) using Roku and chromecast. Mainly restarting devices and related apps seem to fix communication between devices. In the end its well worth the price.

AllCast Premium for android

Powerful, useful app Does what it says, does it well. Stream music and photos to any DLNA device easily. My only gripe is that it seems to really destroy battery life. I know it’s always going to suck power, but it can make the phone physically warm and take many hours of your day’s capacity. Seems like there’s plenty of room for improved power consumption, but I understand this is very early in the app’s life!

So Easy! Brilliant and worth the extra 3 quid. Makes streaming faster, easier and more enjoyable. One note I will add is I wish Xbox one version had the ability to stream an equalizer/visualizations whilst playing music. Just a blank screen or artwork is boring. Maybe an add-on that I wouldn’t mind paying for would be the way forward. Tip top app well-done AllCast Premium. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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