FaceTime for PC Download on Windows 10/8.1/7

FaceTime is a video calling app that lets you call your contacts by making the use of the internet. It is mainly used for video calling but you can also make audio calls. Today, we are going to indulge in FaceTime for PC Download.

FaceTime is video telephony application from Apple Inc. They released it for the first time in 2010 for iOS and Mac OS devices. With FaceTime, you can make video and audio calls to all your contacts and friends.

If you have a Windows PC and wish to get FaceTime for Windows and use it, then you should give a thought about reading this article.

FaceTime for PC Windows

FaceTime for PC

As I said already, FaceTime is developed by Apple and we all know how strict Apple is when it comes to its policies. Have you ever seen any app by Apple on a Platform other than iOS and MacOS? No, right? Apple doesn’t make its apps compatible with other platforms.

So, the answer to your wishes is that you can’t possibly use FaceTime for Windows PC. If it was a Mac PC, then things would’ve been different. But that is not so and you have to find a way around the fact that FaceTime PC is not available.

But you shouldn’t give up hope because it is not the only app that can make video and audio calls and are actually far better than FaceTime for PC. We have a few apps in mind that will make some fine video calling apps.

Alternatives to FaceTime PC

It is clear now that you won’t be able to get FaceTime for PC. The obvious thing to do next is to look for alternatives. But that can take up too much of your time. So, instead of looking for apps that may or may not match your expectations, you should go through this list that we have prepared for you.

We are only going to mention three of them because these are the cream of the crop and it won’t get any better than this.

Google Hangouts for PC

  • Hangouts:
    • “Hangouts” is Google’s very own video calling-cum Messenger app. It has a lot more features than FaceTime for PC and it is actually better if you ask me. It is not available as a Windows App but you can use it all the same.
    • You can send text messages, make groups and chat, make audio and video calls, send stickers and media. All this and Google doesn’t charge you anything. If you have the Chrome browser, you can even add the extension and use it like an app. You just need the email ID of your friend and then you are all set to chat with them. Google Hangouts

WhatsApp for PC

  • WhatsApp:
    • WhatsApp is probably the most popular messenger app in the world right now. It has more users than any other similar app. Initially, it was only available for smartphones and tablets, but a couple of months ago it got the PC port too.
    • You probably don’t need an introduction, but you can send messages, photos, videos, documents, and also make audio and video calls. WhatsApp also allows you to send emojis, stickers, and animated GIFs. I bet you won’t find these features in FaceTime. Download WhatsApp for PC


  • Skype:
    • Skype is one of the earliest apps to bring video calling to the way that it is now. It was first released in 2003 for PC and subsequently for smartphones. As of 2010, it had over 660 million registered users and that alone is enough to prove its popularity.
    • It is the freemium kind of app where most of its features are free but you have to pay to get the better ones. It is available on the Windows Platform for free. Download Skype

These were the three best alternatives to FaceTime for PC Windows. You can try them out and pick one out that suits you best. Although all of them are good, you can select either one to go with.

That’s a wrap, guys! We are now at the conclusion of the article and we hope that you have all the information that you need on FaceTime for PC Download Windows. I am sure we were of help to you. If you face any issues, give us a nudge at Browsys.

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