Fallout Shelter APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

Very addictive and fun. Can easily be played as a free to play but certainly fun to spend a bit of cash on as well. The only downside I’ve noticed is that the loading screen is a bit long (~45secs) and can be buggy, with the game freezing and then unexpectedly quit. It’s not a game breaker at all…just a mild annoyance and I would still highly recommend it. Download Fallout Shelter APK with Official Latest Android Version.

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About The Fallout Shelter

Great fun Game, worth a couple bucks to get robots, to collect resources even when you’re offline. And bonus works even without WiFi. Pets. The addition is really cool. DWELLERS. Should be able to find New outfits in the wasteland. I leave mine out for 3 Days exploring and they come out with same items.

I think it would be a PERFECT game if you incorporate the opportunity to raid/trade with other players within the same level, make the vault door the room that shows the level of player or something.. and explore a whole lot more.. more opportunities to see cool things and interact/engage in activities in the wastelands.. Fallout Shelter is still a favorite game.

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Fallout Shelter APK Download for Android

It’s a great time-consuming game. Fallout Shelter is addictive and very fun to play. Also, I like the way you can repopulate and name the kids. A good feature that could have been added would be to be able to go look for survivors and bring them back to the vault. I really recommend this game though.

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Fallout Shelter APK Download [ Latest Version ]

This is a cute lil game, I love the vault boy style people, and all the little details. Wonderful game. My friends kept recommending it to me, but tbh I didn’t ever get it because I’m freaking lazy man. But now that I have, I legit can’t stop playing it. It’s eating away my time, but that’s alright. Because it’s too great. And the fact the time it takes to do things on there is short enough that the game is actually playable without constantly having to leave and then come back. It’s both a time-based game and a regular one where you can just sit and have a dang good time. I love it.

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Features of the Fallout Shelter

Absolutely fantastic. The fact it doesn’t pressure you for in-game purchases is a nice touch too. Many games are playable to a point, then basically require in-game purchases, but Fallout Shelter? Completely optional. Very interesting and fun, great homage to the original Fallout games and Fallout 4. 100% recommend! So sit down, grab a Nuka-Cherry, and enjoy this game to its full.

Fallout Shelter for android

After a week of playing, I’m really enjoying Fallout Shelter. Some things are a bit of a grind to get resources but, the leveling rate isn’t bad. playing for a while now. Never needed to buy anything. A little daily attention and your vault can thrive. Good game. Damn those rad-scorpions!

I love the game. It’s heads and shoulders above similar genre titles, but you have really made it difficult to succeed without putting at least $10.00 into buying the lunch boxes. That being said, I love the Fallout Shelter game enough to pay that $10.00. If you could, I would suggest an update which would include a more in-depth tutorial? Thanks for a great game!

I don’t know what makes this game so addicting but it is. For someone who hasn’t played Fallout Shelter but somewhat familiar with the characters (thanks to my roommate), it makes the game a bit more compelling. The only thing I wish they would add/fix is a quicker way to switch between different vaults. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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