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In FNaF 4 Game, You Will Die After playing it a little more and watching game plays I learned how to survive to 6 AM. I love the thrills and feeling of should I do this, like every time I go to the door if the flashlight will save me or lead me to my death. I am already on night 5 and I heard that’s when Fredbear appears. That’s going to be fun! Download FNaF 4 APK with Official Latest Android Version.

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Amazing end to the franchise. In my opinion, FNaF 4 game is the scariest of the bunch well done Scott! This series has brought so many fans to bring speculation. Scott has always been very clever with his little hints. I can’t wait until the Halloween DLC.

I will miss all of the mysteries and Easter eggs thanks again Scott for this series. And are we going to see a Halloween update for android at all? Just curious because it’s way past Halloween November 16th to be exact. I know I’m not the only one looking for it.

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FNaF 4 APK Download for Android

Best and the scariest game FNaF 4 is my most favorite game and out of all FNaF games I’ve played this is one is the scariest. I hope that Sister Location is even scarier I can’t wait till FNaF5 (Sister Location ) comes out. I hope this scary file never ends! Keep it up! Also can you please add Explosive Foxy to FNAF 4 World?

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Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 APK Download [ Latest Version ]

SCARIEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED!! I have got all the FNAF games, 1-4 and I have to say that Scott, you have outdone yourself. FNaF 4 game mechanics are amazing, the animations look 3D and smooth. The jumpscares are incredible, petrifying and sometimes unexpected. I mean the CUPCAKE!!! The cupcake Jumpscares you! One thing that could be improved is probably the breathing. You have revealed *SPOILER* who was the culprit of the bite of ’87! Scott Cawthon, thank you so much for creating one of the best games series I have ever played. THANKS!!!

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Features of the Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

So amazing FNaF 4 is so amazing. I play it all the time with my friend, John Carpenter-the boy on the right of me, left of you. We have so much fun. I love playing it alone, too. I record myself getting the heck scared out of me, using Mobizen. This game is very addicting, and it is also very challenging. It’s so hard, and I’ll love it for a long time to come. How could I not? Great game, Scott. 10 out of 10!

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AMAZING!!!! I wasn’t too big of a fan of the earlier games but FNaF 4 is absolutely amazing. Out of all of the games, it’s harder to grow old of the jump scares and that what I love about this game. The only complaint I have is that you only included the “minigame” after night 6. Great job and I’m really looking forward to the DLC coming up!

Definitely the best! Definitely the best in the series gameplay wise, and possibly the favorite game of all time. Is there a chance we can get mini 8bit games in there, Scott? That’s where all the story is at and would be great to get to find out all the truth. Maybe a little tightening on jumpscare graphics, more like pc version. Either way, thanks for the amazing game, and one of the most intense games ever. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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