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Football Manager 2017 mobile is a decent football management game. I got 3 words to say about the game ‘fun’, ‘addictive’, ‘challenging’. I have not played any other football management title so I can’t compare it to championship manager or Winning eleven but still, this games is good to play if you are bored and want time to fly. Download Football Manager APK with Official Latest Android Version.

Football Manager apk

About The Football Manager

Great game. Doesn’t take too long to get a grasp, great over all. Only thing I would want to change is for players who are unhappy with their training, to specify what the issue is. Eg . unhappy because training is too intense or training is too lax. Or doesnt like current regime or something mthing along those lines.

Played the old FM many moons ago on a PC. Too much. Then rediscovered life. Bought this on an impulse and have barely put it down since. All the game play of the originals but with better menus, faster progress etc.Great app.

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Football Manager APK Download for Android

More new features than I can ever recall, a lot of them have a relevant impact on gameplay too. My only gripes are the absence of U23 teams in the Checkatrade trophy, and no tactical improvements other than the removal of some mispositioned roles.

Hopefully, that area is on the agenda for next year. Good stuff SI, most in the community were awaiting a reskin so this has been a very welcome surprise. Edit, down to 4 stars due to the game destroying bugs. Will change if the hotfix sorts them…

Football Manager

Football Manager APK Download [ Latest Version ]

Brilliant as always, love the game. It even makes my daily commute and trips to the toilet enjoyable. Adding staff was a nice touch but it seems like I get more injuries now…sly dogs. Thanks anyway, keep up the good work

Good. Surprised to find this on mobile. All signings require a crazy amount of wages to be signed by me. The same person for other clubs will sign for less most of my goals happen at first 20 mins?

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Features of the Football Manager

The game is superb with new features well done! The only thing I would add would be the ability to change the tactics, selection, and formation of the German II teams. Say you manage Dortmund, Dortmund II are in league 3. You can send players up and down but you can’t select the lineup or tactics? It seems like a small fix that would only improve the game…

Football Manager android

I love this game. I play it since 2015 release. I would love if developers could add few nice tricks to the game like sending players to affiliated teams or added reserves league which would play exactly the same schedule with demoted players like behind the scenes. Keep your good work on this one.

Im, not a game lover. Football Manager was probably the only game that I adored and played when I was a student. It’s great to play this game again and more interesting it’s on my mobile. It fits purpose game to kill your time out of your hectic schedule. Overall great game considering it’s on mobile.

It’s an addictive and fun game but could be a bit deeper. I think team talks during matches and improved interaction with the players (like resolving issues with them) should be a top priority for the next edition. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.


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