Framaroot APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

Small but precise! Use Framaroot even on a unrooted device and you’ll feel the difference! Now if I could only get the extreme mode for free that would be an ass-kicker!!! My phone was slow as hell. I was naturally frustrated indeed until I tried Framaroot app. I’m glad to say that my phone is working like new again. You should try to download Framaroot APK with Official Latest Android Version.


About The Framaroot

This app really works! , and the premium version works better on your new phone — root not needed anymore. But I got the free version on this account.

Excellent app…I get better performance with my online games. I got the extreme mode after I was happy it worked… worth the small price. Saved my phone from dying all the time, saves me from getting irritated.

Works Great!!! No more game lag, and games no longer eat battery!!! Spice up your games and life get better each game. The app is really useful and you’ll certainly feel the difference.

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Framaroot APK Download for Android

framaroot apk download

Great for older device’s use this with a launcher to put some speed back into them. Better performance but facing problem in purchasing the full version. Professional App which actually does what it says, just acquired the optional features.

Framaroot APK Download [ Latest Version ]

Works great! When ever my phone starts to go slow I use the extreme boost and it cleans everything I don’t need out so my phone works better and faster! Keeps my phone from crashing And speeds it up nicely

Framaroot performs well, I like the fact that if super boost becomes a problem on a slower Android you can try another setting or go to stock. I like the app because it helps my system to perform better.

The apps really work and I notice a big change in my battery performance. A new update is great! I give you a Five star for it. Very glad to have purchased app and support developer, keep up the good work!

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Features of the Framaroot

Framaroot app is the best to keep battery or speed alive and it doesn’t make the phone slow down, definitely a must have for any root users, my battery used to drain in about 5 hours even in inactivity and this makes it go all day being used and the battery decreases like a brand new phone, please keep up the good work!!!

I had a problem with my phone getting extremely too hot, but since I started using this app, things have become 👍. Great for keeping the lifespan of your battery alive, or to speed up outdated phones. Used the battery booster, and it makes a big difference.


It’s amazing I have a custom ROM it’s smooth it’s amazing only issue is it was not stable with this I don’t randomly get reboots anymore and if I want to game changing to performance makes it faster and the battery saver is good for long trips where I don’t use my phone but it’s just open for calls

so far this app helped me extend battery life I bought the ex-boost non-root just to support the dev I wish when I grant root the other 2 is accessible. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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