GameCIH APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

Great app Works perfectly with the games I want to change with a couple exceptions. In No Limits Drag Racing, it gives the option to change the amount of money and gold but when changed it just resets the amount you had back to 0. If there’s a way to fix that it’d be great. Otherwise, great app. Download GameCIH APK with Official Latest Android Version.

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About The GameCIH

People on the reviews don’t read the description before downloading.It clearly says DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOUR PHONE IS NOT ROOTED ll I have rooted my phone and this app works perfectly, well done with this App very useful and friendly interface. love it.

Love the new update for non-root users! People say that their phones are rooted and then says that it shows tons of ads. Well, read the damn update! Why don’t ya, trying to say the app is fake lol. For all, you peep saying yall having issues with root, learn the difference between root and flash. Coz I’m rooted and have no problem with this app.

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GameCIH APK Download for Android

This app works very well on games I just can not get gangsta Vegas to work who knows how to do it. Best hacking app We change in COC money to 100000000 and warning- supported only on a rooted device (cell phone).

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GameCIH APK Download [ Latest Version ]

this app is badass if you know what you’re doing and looking for. these script kiddies trying to leave a bad review are, for a lack of a better word dumb. this app lets you change and alter many games, you can view the hex lines as well as the coding that designs the games. there are several games that you can alter your money, and for the ones you can’t alter is because of the type of encryption used. 5 stars all the way

Did what it said… No nonsense, nothing. It did what it said. They mentioned clearly that device must be rooted. So don’t blame them they made it for rooted users… Good work guys…

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Features of the GameCIH

Loved it worked perfectly It also doesn’t take like any space up. Works I giving this app a 5 rating star because it actually works and it easy to use as well very happy with the app. Best app ever loved this app modified many games.

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Great Editor App Really nice this is so awesome useful Rate 5 because of its working from Philippines app. Your device just needs to be rooted properly. This GameCIH works well on my device.

Works great. Love GameCIH, never have problems. Though wish it would update it. useful just if you know how to use it it’s an awesome hack app ever. It is awesome if you have rooted your mobile. This app is the coolest app I’ve ever used This is best.

GameCIH works quite fine on the rooted device. Magnificient app for hacking in-game stuff I hacked everything almost for btd battles thanks. Wow. Useful I was able to set to true if a game was premium or not and I can change the prices of items in-app to 0.0$. This app is awesome.

Love it… Stop complaining GameCIH is great, all of you idiots giving this app one star because you need to root is stupid.Root your devices then it’s not that hard. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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