Hotspot Shield APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

It is working as designed. I even use it when I am connected to my home wifi. update after update. it simply works. Just installed the latest update. no issues. One button press and you get to bypass most any firewall with no dip in speed. You guys made this a gold standard. Nice work. Download Hotspot Shield APK with Official Latest Android Version.

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About The Hotspot Shield

Love this app, bought the elite version on my pc a few years ago and still use it till this day the mobile app is easy to use and if you’re looking for a great Proxy/VPN service I would totally recommend hotspot shield…

Hot Shot Shield Elite Vpn in my experience does everything a good VPN should do with regard to hiding your IP address, Also I can confirm that this VPN does not suffer any problems with DNS leakage.

worth it, do you have pro edition, like remove the ads maybe? And add a server at Singapore please for SEA Region, we have bad connection btw I hope it’s not expensive.

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Hotspot Shield APK Download for Android

This is a fantastic VPN for websites youtube and facebook. For connect, it doesn’t need to fast internet. Been using the Elite version for over 4 years now! Feel comfortable with it as a VPN to protect my network. Have it on my cell phone, tablet, and laptop.

Hotspot Shield apk

Hotspot Shield APK Download [ Latest Version ]

Using this app on Windows Phone 10, iPhone and Android tablet working great on all platforms. Easiest from all I ever to use. It’s just an awesome experience using the VPN and torrenting…. the ads should be minimized a little more… rest is fine

Works great! I use it to bypass the restrictions at work that prevent me from efficiently accomplishing important tasks. It works so well and smoothly. Just amazing. Best Customer Service EVER! Helped me set up family’s VPN on multiple computers. It helps me use wifi at places that block certain apps.

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Features of the Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield actually works, it works really. So glad I found this app. Consistent last long with no interruption or disconnection. This app is good for clash royale and clash of clans.

Hotspot Shield for android

The Free one is outstanding on Android, except for the annoying ads, Strongly recommend purchasing Elite, amazing for the price, secure, no logs, the only big issue is that the Android Version no longer works on my school’s firewall :(, but luckily the Windows version still works fine… Also, Tasker/Macrodroid integration would be nice…

I’ve had Hotspot Shield app for longer than I can remember, somewhat around 6 yrs and this app works at my schools were many other VPN apps have failed to do and the Ads are not much of an issue. Best VPN app. Easy user interface. But I have only one problem why in the elite version it is changing to default server location the US each time it is connecting.

Hotspot Shield works great, I got the upgrade for my laptop as well as my phone, the only trouble with the android app is I have had a few occasions when it wouldn’t log in and I had to restart my phone to get it to reset. The Android problem appears to be fixed. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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