iMessage on PC Windows 10/8.1/7 Download

iMessage is a messenger app for the iOS Platform. People who have an iPhone or any other iOS device, they can easily use the app. But if you are thinking about how to use iMessage on PC Windows, then this post is a very good way to understand that.

As you may have guessed by now, iMessage is an app that has only been developed for iOS devices. That means unless you have an iPhone or a Mac, you can’t use iMessage. And there is no way you can get a version for Windows PC.

But of course, we have a way around that and we will surely explain it to you. That way, you will be able to use iMessage on Windows.

iMessage on PC

iMessage on PC Download

There are many apps that are exclusively available to iOS and iOS only. And just like Facetime, iMessage on PC is also an app that only Apple users can have a taste of. Nevertheless, it has a lot of features that make it one of the best messaging apps of all time. So other platform users also want it and we have a trick up our sleeves that can get you the app.

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iMessage on PC is not officially available for Windows platform but that doesn’t end our pursuit. But if you want to the use the app on your Windows PC that badly, then there is only one way. You have to buy and use the iPadian emulator.

To achieve that, you must follow the steps that we have mentioned below.

  • The only proper way to get the iPadian simulator is through the official website.

Download iPadian

  • When the site loads, click on the “Download Now” button which is right there on the home screen.
  • It will take you to the payment process page which is you have to do through PayPal. The cost is $10 but the app is worth every penny.
  • Wait for some time while the download takes place. You will get the setup file which is around 35-40 MB.
  • Double-click on the Setup file and open the Installation wizard. Verify that you accept the terms and conditions and click Install.
  • The installation will be complete in a few seconds or a minute. Hit “Finish” when it is over.
  • Go to the home screen and click the icon of iPadian to launch it.
  • Once the iPadian emulator is open, you will see various icons. The one we want is the App Store. Open it and search for the app.
  • Select the App from the search result and then click on “Get”.
  • iPadian will install iMessage on PC.

You will see the icon of iMessage on PC on the home screen of iPadian. That is where you can open and enjoy iMessage on Windows. Now, whenever you feel like using the app for PC, then you can just open iPadian and launch it from there. As this is the only way, I suggest you stick to it.

iMessage on Windows Features

Features of iMessage on Windows

The one drawback of the iPadian emulator is that it costs $10 but that is not a big concern once you know that you can also set up other iOS apps using the same emulator. You might be thinking if it is worth to spend so much on an emulator. Just look at the features of iMessage PC and then you’ll have the answer.

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  • Simple user interface makes it easy to use it and easy navigation.
  • Apart from sending messages, you can even share images, sound clips, videos, etc. It also allows easy and fast texting.
  • Probably the best thing about iMessage PC is that you won’t have to make much effort while typing messages. Because you have the keyboard, you can type easily with comfort.
  • Notification can be customized according to your requirement and notify you in the way you want when you receive messages.
  • You will require an Apple ID in order to use iMessage on Windows. Making an Apple ID is easy and you can get one here.
  • Users can make a group of several people and all of them and chat at the same time making it very useful for making plans.

These were the best features of iMessage on PC and you will also find some more when you start using the app on your PC.

We have to conclude the article on iMessage on PC Download now that we have given you everything we have on the topic. If you need more assistance on the topic, then you can contact us at Browsys.

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