Kodi APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

Fantastic, Get some good add ons or a build and you are away. Kodi is fantastic for catching up on missed tv whilst on the go or keeping kids entertained whilst out and about. Best on a table or TV box but works just fine on an S6 edge. Just download Kodi APK with Official Latest Android Version and try it by yourself.

Kodi apk

About The Kodi

Great app, though I would love more if the downloading process actually worked. It always says that it downloaded my videos, but when it gets to 100%, it doesn’t say that it’s complete.

As soon as I updated this app it was unbelievable. The sky opened and the sun came out, the birds started singing and everything became clear. A Ferrari even appeared outside my house and am so thankful to your developers. Wow ! Thank you team kodi.

The app is great, but it’s really not designed for small touchscreen devices like smartphones. The desktop and Android TV boxes go perfectly with this.

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Kodi APK Download for Android


Dear People, Kodi is one of the best free video and tv shows and live channels I have ever come across. I recommend people to download. It’s a great app and very nice and easy to use. I would like to help Kodi by donating some money. I love ur App and its great and excellent services. Thank u Kodi and keep up the hard work.

Kodi APK Download [ Latest Version ]

powerful but hard to setup and maintain. potentially great, but reliability low. some things get fixed and now other things no longer work.

Best app for movie searches I love to watch old movies and this App helps a lot! The best App of all time, ever Created !!! Pure genius. What a master piece

Kodi is the best media app. I use it on my phone, tablet, comp, and fire tv stick. I love it. Just brilliant and should be free to run not close or shut down

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Features of the Kodi

Great App for Movies & Series using Exodus Addon! Google how to add exodus add on. Good app though some of my shows keep freezing overall nice app to watch movies for free.

Works perfectly, always looking forward to their next version, very easy to use. Running Android 7. kodi An absolute must for anyone who spends a lot of time in hotels.


Brilliant app… Really good, fast and reliable and have it on TV stick works great… I just loved it. I get to watch all my favored TV show. love this app! wish they have all the subtitles for foreign movies.

Love this app, easy to install services on it with the right tutorial, easy to use, amazing. Good media add-on for devices and open source.

I have read a few reviews about videos not playing or add-ons not working properly. In fairness, you have to understand that many add-ons have shut down recently or have moved to a different server. This has nothing to do with kodi as it is only a platform. I find kodi great and am grateful to the developers for their time spent on it. My advice for those having problems is to look for alternative add-ons. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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