Customers can participate in Kroger’s survey by visiting is the only official website through which you can participate in online surveys and Sweepstakes. If you’ve been there recently (Kroger’s Location), you can also participate in the Kroger customer survey by following these steps.

Customers who recently purchased anything from one of Kroger’s Stores and received a survey code on their purchase receipt can take part in the Kroger Survey. At the End of the survey, you can win a $5,000 prize or one of Kroger’s $100 vouchers.

Requirements to Participate in KrogerFeedback Survey:

To participate in the Kroger Feedback Survey, you must be eligible first. Here are some Conditions to consider before Participating:

If You want to participate in Kroger’s Research, You need to specify an Age Limit. Each Participant must be over the Age of 18 to participate in this Research.
Each Participant must have English or Spanish in order to carry out the Research. In Fact, all Questions should only be answered in these two Languages.
Make sure You have a stable Internet Connection during the Search.
To participate, You must be a Kroger customer. This means you’ll need a Receipt from the Kroger store, Which is less than seven Days old.
You need to devote some of Your valuable Time to Research. It takes between 12 and 15 Minutes to answer all the Questions asked in the Survey. It becomes easy therefore to fill the form quickly.
No Kroger employee has the Right to Participate. So if you work with kroger you will not be able to fill the form.
There are critical Appointments and the Search can only be done for the Moment. If You want to participate in Kroger’s Reviews of Reviews, You need to check the Search times below:

Steps to Research Kroger’s Comments

You can participate in the Search for Kroger feedback by clicking on this Image to access the official Website. To complete the Search, You must enter the Date and Time you entered on the Kroger receipt on Your last Purchase. Here You have to enter the entry ID and the Search begins. If You don’t have a Receipt, You won’t be able to participate in the Search because You need a unique entry ID for each Document. In addition, You can only use a Receipt once to prevent someone from sending Spam to the System. During the Survey, You will be asked to answer them and describe Your Shopping Experience. Once You’ve answered the Survey, You’ll be rewarded. The most common Reward is free Tank points. However, with a bit of Luck, You can also purchase free Gift cards.

There are two Ways to enter either by Your Search online or by email.
You need a PC or Smartphone with An internet Connection.
Visit for Your Device.
You must provide an Application Code printed on Your Receipt.
You will be asked to provide more Details, such as the Date and Time on the Receipt and The Name of the Store.
Take the Survey
Answer Any Questions honestly asked during the Investigation.
You will be asked to provide Your Name, address and Phone Number.
Online applications must be received on the last Day of the Application Period In order to participate in the Competition.
Kroger Customer Service

Benefits of Kroger Feedback Research

KrogerFeedback rewards

Once the online survey is complete, You will become one of the participants in the $5,000 monthly Raffle or one of the $100,100 Coupons you receive.

The Kroger Awards for Participating in the Customer Satisfaction Survey May vary depending on the Time of year and Search Period. Be sure to Check the current Prizes in the official Rules of the Lottery. The terms Of Use.

A Representative for Kroger will contact You by phone, email or via the Hotline if You enter the Competition. You can always check the List of Winners of the Draw To see if You’re one of them here.

What are Kroger’s Flashpoints?

If You use a Kroger Plus card, which You win for free at every Kroger store, You get 1 Point for every $1 spent on the Food. For Example, every $100 you spend costs 100 Points, which Means a Discount of $0.10 per Litre when You buy a Gas. With each 100 Point increase, You get an additional $0.10 per Gallon, up to a Maximum Of $1.00 per Gallon. The Points are summarized on a monthly basis and cannot be summarized. If You don’t use the Points collected before the End of next Month, You lose them.

How do I get 50 Points for Kroger feedback?

The first Step is to Visit the official Website of KrogerFeedback research.
The next Step is to answer some Questions about Your last Visit to the Kroger Store.
After Completing the Kroger Customer Experience Survey, You will have a fantastic Opportunity to earn additional Fuel Points on

How To collect Fuel Points Kroger 4x

Visit Your local Kroger or log in online.
Download the Offer to Your Kroger card.
Buy a Select gift card.
Complete Your Transactions and Your 4X fuel points will be added to Your Account!

History of Kroger

Kroger is an American Retailer founded in 1883 by Bernard Kroger of Cincinnati, Ohio. It is the largest Supermarket Network in the United States by revenue, the second-largest Retailer (behind the Walmart) and the eighth largest in the United States. Kroger is also the third largest Retailer in the World and the third-largest private Employer in the United States. In December 2015, Kroger operates directly or through its Subsidiaries, 2,778 Supermarkets and several Department Stores. Kroger is Headquartered in Downtown Cincinnati. The Company maintains Markets in 34 States. Business Formats include Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Supermarkets, Department Stores, 786 convenience stores (to be sold to the EC Group in 2018) and 326 Jewellery. Kroger Stores are located in the Midwest and South of the United States. Kroger operates 37 food processing or production sites, 1,360 supermarket gas stations and 2.122 Pharmacies.

KrogerFeedback Customer Service:

By Phone: Call 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377).
By email: Send us a Message by clicking here.

Customer Service opening Hours Monday through Friday from 8am to 1230am EST
Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 21am 30am EST.

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