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Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Taylor’s personality is the right mix of snark and worry and humor and vulnerability. Really brings out the mother hen and best friend in you. So glad a friend recommended this game to me! (plus I’ve always been an absolute fan of space and science – I enjoy Taylor’s little geeking out sessions). As a plus point – T’s gender is kept ambiguous, so you could imagine ’em to be anything. Download Lifeline APK with Official Latest Android Version.

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About The Lifeline

Superb. Saved Taylor on 1st attempt. Grew up with text adventures and thoroughly enjoyed it. Had a book when I was young called The Warlock of Firetop Mountain in which you choose scenarios to influence the ending, so brought back good memories of the genre.

Lifeline is very well written and engaging. Bought next installment. Also tempted to go back and make some really bad decisions just to see what happens lol. Please keep the installments going.

Arguably best indie game on Android (on par with Kingdom Rush). The storytelling is a genius. It brought me as a player so attached to Taylor. I felt like really need to help him out, to check him whenever he sent a message. A breath of fresh air. Showed us story matters more than graphic.

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Lifeline APK Download for Android

An amazing story. Lifeline is not a time killer game, it’s a peaceful game. It really makes you feel like you’re Mission Control, communicating with an astronaut. The wait is part of the experience.

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Lifeline APK Download [ Latest Version ]

I absolutely love these Lifeline games! I love being these characters lifeline! I love learning who Taylor is, helping him along the way. He’s fun, he’s so sweet and interesting to talk to in itself. Even without the interesting plot, I just enjoy talking to Taylor. The plot is interesting too. What I love the most is the game style. Looking forward to many more games!!! It’s rare that I buy a game. It’s even rarer that I buy every game they have on option!!

Made it to the end and I’m rightly thrilled and anxious to see what happens next… best 99 cents I ever spent… Fast forward about 2 years and I found the game in my app list and played it again only to find out there are a lot more sequels.

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Features of the Lifeline

It has been more than a year since I first played this, and the story seems to have developed quite a bit! It is a fantastic adventure and you really (surprisingly) start to care about the character, his choices, your choices and his survival! The gripping story played out over a couple of weeks for me. Well worth the money.

Lifeline apk download

Great, creative story with interaction points all along the way. The delays seem cumbersome sometimes, but they also add a dimension of reality to the experience the first time. A truly interesting, involved game that leaves you checking for notifications whenever you grab your phone!

Very compelling. Whenever Taylor would say “give me a minute” I would find myself waiting the whole minute. I managed to rescue him on the first try but the whole way I was sure he would not make it. I now on to the sequel….

So good. The dialog is a bit cheesy at times but I love the suspense. And I want Taylor to survive from the beginning of the story. Good job with pacing the game. It keeps you in suspense without being too long to wait. Here is to many more hours saving Taylor! Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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