Llama APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

One of the most useful applications on Android I have ever installed. Been using it for years and really depend on it. So many options. Easy to get it to do exactly what you want it to do. Have seen some weirdness since updating to Android v7 on my Nexus 5X. No real showstoppers. Download Llama APK with Official Latest Android Version.

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About The Llama

Awesome! indispensable One of my favorite apps. I Spent a few minutes learning, then I let it mute when I’m at work or library, etc., then it turns sound on when I leave Those places. It shuts the volume off while sleeping so notifications don’t awaken me.

It turns off battery draining functions when/where I know I won’t need them, back on when/where I use those battery intensive features. And it doesn’t drain my battery to do so. And there is way more stuff that it can do! Donated long time ago for this one! Never regretted it!

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Llama APK Download for Android

Can’t praise this app enough. If you know how to use it, it becomes indispensable. Enables me to turn off Wifi and turn on data when I leave a wifi area. Keeps my data bill down. Has a ton of features which means it can be a bit of a steep learning curve, but once you have it figured out it is super useful.

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Llama APK Download [ Latest Version ]

A crazy iPhone fan now stuck to android all coz of LLAMA Amazing app. Saves me plenty of time, effort, and battery life. Love the flexibility and combinations possible. Also, the fact that it uses cell towers, not GPS n works perfectly for me.

The concept of variables- amazing. Think logically and you can create so many automated actions. and All for free. Cant imagine my phone without it now. Also, llama does lots. U just have to figure out how to use it n the developer has provided ample info. Also, check out the net to get info on various usages it can be applied for.

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Features of the Llama

Automation has done right and simply I’ve been using Llama for five years now, and it has been my trustworthy companion the whole time. Anyone would appreciate how efficient it is – using barely any battery or RAM whilst running.

Llama apk download

Although I only use Llama to keep my phone on silent in important places, there has not been a scenario that it can’t cover. For a while, I had it set up to turn off my WiFi if the phone was asleep and inactive. Look no further for all your automation needs, location-based or not.

Works like a charm Have been an avid user of this app in my Samsung and Nexus devices. It works like a charm. Makes ur device very customised and you can literally program it to behave in a way you want with features like llama variables. Kudos to the developer.

So many things I have found so many useful things for this app. For example, when I connect it to my car, via Bluetooth OBD port, Llama activates Torque app, and sets the screen to full bright and always on. So awesome! I also have it set to go into very low power mode while at certain times and locations, normally when I know for certain I will not need the phone, has allowed my battery to last so much longer now. What a wonderfully useful app! Thanks! Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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