Madden NFL Football APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

This game is a lot better this season. The idea of training your already obtained elite cards is awesome. Sucks you can’t sell them after you train them, but I can see why. Overall Madden NFL Football game went from a prototype with lots of bugs to a genius work of art. Love it guys. No complaints. If you’re a football fan you must download Madden NFL Football it’s better than any other one around. Download Madden NFL Football APK with Official Latest Android Version.

Madden NFL Football

About The Madden NFL Football

The game still is cool, its just work that you need cash to pay for the XP Boost AND the Coin Boost, instead of coins like last season. Other than that you should put more events to earn cash. Not everyone wants to and some can’t pay actual money, and I’m pretty sure enough people actually buy ‘cash’ that you still make a profit. Now I believe everyone should make money, I have a business also so I’m not complaining but breaks are cool.

The changes this year are fantastic. The new layout is fancy, now there are ways to earn premium cash, and the change to H2H was badly needed. Now you can’t see what your opponent scores until you complete your turns. There are many new features that I can’t cover in one review, but if you like football then Madden NFL Football game is for you.

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Madden NFL Football APK Download for Android

It’s great. I just got tom Brady out of a pack. I don’t know if everyone can get him or not. But it’s great. Finally new improvement. Now you can really face someone that will actually go against you. I love the new one and one. Its the best ever.

Madden NFL Football APK Download [ Latest Version ]

Finally, I like the upgrades. I do however love how you earn an elite, its random folks. This game totally surprises by far. I’m playing this all day today. Oh yeah!!!

Greatest App Game Ever Period. It’s fun, competitive, spend only what you want but by no means is a must in order to enjoy and complete. CO-OP leagues are great.

Me and my son have played Madden NFL Football for 2 years now and plan to play years to come. I’ve played since 1996, Madden NFL Football game that improves annually and continues to be reliable, a sure thing. No matter what year or system you play on if you love football you can play football every day of the year.

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Features of the Madden Mobile NFL Football

This is my favorite game I play. Really fun when you first start out but once u get your team around 90 overall it takes so long just to get one player because they cost so much. But other than that it’s an awesome game. Can’t wait till the new season!!

Madden NFL Football apk

Love the new look and new features as in being able to upgrade cards to make them better but they should be a feature to let you turn them back to normal and sell instead of making them unsellable. Few bugs but that’s to be expected with the start of a new season. They’ll get the bugs worked out. Keep up the great work EA.

Awesome game. Excellent graphics. Very addictive. Would just really like to get more videos for Madden cash in email or maybe an option for earning free madden cash. Like me, I’m sure there’s a bunch of other people that cant afford to pay for Madden cash to get bundles and I feel like it’s alot harder to build a good team. I feel like I’m kinda at a disadvantage. Just a suggestion. Madden NFL Football is one of the best Madden Seasons yet! I have been playing this non-stop. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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