Nomao APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

Fanatic open source app! Thank you so much for not including ads in it! Nomao really let’s my S6 Active shine over the stock camera. You can force 4K in the video setting, along with frame rate and bit rate! The HDR photo is also better than my stock app… Download Nomao APK with Official Latest Android Version.

Nomao Camera APK App Download for Android

About The Nomao

Excellent noise reduction compared to my stock camera app. Produced better quality photos while using half the storage. My complaint is that the UI looks like it’s from 2010, especially when the image ratio is 4:3. Something similar to miui camera in terms of UI would be greatly appreciated Also, the app is often slow and sluggish compared to others. Shutter sounds cannot be turned off

This was a great find. It works better than the stock camera on my phone and gives just enough controls to not confuse the user but keep things interesting. Why is the code hosted on SourceForge instead of GitHub? SourceForge has had a history of hijacking projects and messing around with them.

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Nomao APK Download for Android

I started fiddling with my native camera app settings and discovered I could take much better photos, especially in certain lighting conditions. now this, Nomao Camera app takes it to a completely and absolutely new level! this thing is simply amazing. I can’t reconnect it enough! excellent app, risk-free, ad-free and open source!!!

nomao apk download

Nomao APK Download [ Latest Version ]

Never realized my phone was capable of taking pictures of such quality, until trying this app! Voice command for the shooting is a major benefit, once you make the proper adjustment. Only (minor) “gripe” I have is that, on my Galaxy 7, the flash cuts out BEFORE the shot is actually taken.

It is just what I needed!! You can assign to record videos with the volume key. Many menus for different situations. Best camera app ever…

Best camera app. All the manual settings are there. But one thing missing is that there is no slow motion recording mode. Please provide it in your next update.

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Features of the Nomao

nomao apk

Finally, I found a better camera app as compared to the built-in camera app. With help of Nomao, I can access additional features of the camera. I am not a professional photographer, but I tested that it gives a better result.

This app is awesome! The quality is better than the base camera, plus, even on the highest settings and quality, videos take up significantly less space than the camera app that comes with your phone\tablet.

Excellent. Please make on screen button bar dialogue a bit bigger. Event adjustment does not show an effect in preview but this may be hardware dependent. Really as good as the paid apps.

Superb camera interface provides all the functionality required in a mobile cam! I’m really satisfied with it, it transformed my dumb LENOVO P2 camera into something amazing! Thank you so much.

Way better than the OEM app. I doubt most people will use a majority of the settings, but for the others it’s fantastic.

Nomao is a great app and it’s also free. It has many features that my default camera app doesn’t have. I like the manual mode and the in-depth settings. Instantly better than the built in app, have got some cracking shots with this! Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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