PlayView APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

I really love this app it might have a 3.4, but it better than Crunchyroll and the new one that was made by Crunchyroll. I really like the Hulu and the others. This is the best anime watching app I have ever had. I always overlook the ads and never have any problems with it. Download PlayView APK with Official Latest Android Version.

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About The PlayView

I love PlayView. It’s super useful because I can also connect it with my streaming apps to make searching for my favorite movies and TV shows super easy by linking it with My Watchlist.

The only suggestion that I have is that I wish there was a notification setting that would allow PlayView to send me a notification when something in My Watchlist airs. For example, on Sunday morning I would get a notification letting me know which of my favorite shows aid that day. Other than that, this is a great app that I swear by!

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PlayView APK Download for Android

This app has given me the opportunity to watch and fall in love with some of my now must see dramas and comedies. I would recommend this app to a friend. Good app …been away from home for a while and I can tell you it really helps a lot ..good job guys…

PlayView for android

PlayView APK Download [ Latest Version ]

It’s a good app always with a good reception. And about BBC and CNN, I can watch them now anytime anywhere in good resolutions…. Nice One! Please add a channel from Philippines such as ABS-CBN and Cinema One. Good so far!!

Good App I found this as good app… It comes with good clarity of picture n sound as well. Good Nice app but needs more international news and music channels, pls can you add BBC world news. This app really lets me experience all of my favorite anime’s for free which who doesn’t love free stuff.

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Features of the PlayView

Love this app it’s really great for those days when you want to watch something that you haven’t seen before 🙂 names of unknown movies and great youtube content. this has all that I want in a show app thank you for putting this together.

PlayView apk

Its really great doesn’t have many ads but I wish it had more animes but I can’t complain cause it’s free. I love it, even though I’ve had it for a short time, PlayView app keeps my favorite movie/animes at my fingertips.

PlayView is absolutely the best Anime app so far and plus is not just Anime is movies and TV shows and stuff. I really like it! This app is amazing! It’s given me the opportunity to get more into anime like I’ve always wanted to!

Best app I found for anime so far. Pretty good selection and it does have a few mature titles. This is awesome because I can watch a lot of things that I can not watch anywhere else… I think u should add more episodes and anime series.

Love it!!! Finally found an app where I can watch my favorite shows for free! Thank God! I like watching anime because it’s English dubbed recommend downloading this app. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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