PS4 Remote Play APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

Remote play works well for me at home. PS4 needs to be connected via LAN and phone needs to be connected to 5ghz WiFi at a minimum speed of 867Mbps as this is the Xperia Z5s max speed. Location services must be turned off. For playing away from home, strong internet connection is required on both ends. When these criteria are met then the remote play feature is excellent. Download PS4 Remote Play APK with Official Latest Android Version.

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About The PS4 Remote Play

Works perfectly for bathroom breaks. To those complaining about 4G and such, grow up. There are more important things to cry about. Don’t blame Sony for your lack of decent WiFi. My phone and WiFi ping is under 30ms so no problems for me. The PS4 Remote Play is perfectly fine, deal with it.

This app is the greatest invention known to husbands with no TV rights. This app is now complete with the addition of the ability to use device mic for party/in-game chat. amazing work guys.

Great app, use PS4 Remote Play on my moto g4 plus all the time, I don’t have a connector for my phone and controller but Bluetooth works great

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PS4 Remote Play APK Download for Android

Awesome PlayStation experience on your mobile phone! Must have for PS4 owners. A convenient way to play your favorite PS4 game on your Android phone. I can even switch it off when my kids are playing without permission.

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PS4 Remote Play APK Download [ Latest Version ]

Works great on z3+ For those that have trouble with lag and is on 2.4 GHz WiFi. Switch to 5GHz wifi. That’s individual depending on how much interference you have on 2.4, for me it was a huge difference.

Such an awesome feature, seriously! First off, I adore the power of the PS4 and what it can do but when I discovered this I couldn’t believe it, man! I’m using a Xperia Z2 D6503 on Lollipop 5.1.1 and hooked it up by registering it to the PS4 (no problem). I played some need for speed using the touchscreen buttons it was quite hard but I need to buy a 2nd controller soon along with the Sony Controller phone mount, can’t wait! This also works very well on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

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Features of the PS4 Remote Play

Now I no need to fight with my family members for using Tv, now I m enjoying gaming anytime anywhere in my house. I m using Sony Xperia Z3, dual-band router with super fast Internet connection download speed 50mbps upload speed 20mbps so the Remote play is working absolutely perfect for me, good job PS4 Remote Play app developers… thumbs-up for you…great job…

PS4 Remote Play apk android mobile

PS4 Remote Play is a great App. My WiFi isn’t the best but this app still runs fine with only a bit of Lag when in a very high-quality game such as GTA V

Works great! Works great, obviously, you have to have a dual-band router to pair the controller without dropping the connection. The range is limited but I have a budget router.

Awesome! PS4 Remote Play works surprisingly well, and the fact you can connect your Dualshock 4 and play most Android games are awesome!

Best reason to buy Xperia Very solid app. Works great even when I just want to download updates or play a quick game from bed. Not good for competitive Multiplayer but great for single player.

Good Works great for me on max settings, make sure your PS4 is wired and use your phone on the 5ghz network, also turn off location settings on your phone. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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