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Its a super great game. I love it but, why is there no hospital? I am very confused about that. Plus it would be great if the sims could actually go on the beach and have mermaids in the sea(just saying). Amazing game anyways. Download Sims FreePlay APK with Official Latest Android Version.

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About The Sims FreePlay

Never have a game that I loved playing like this. It’s almost 2 years now. Would be much appreciated if I can sell multiple items at the same time with quantity control rather than one at a time.

I’ve played the PC Sims games for years and have really enjoyed and loved everything they had to offer. When I found out they also did a mobile version I thought I’d try it and I have to say it’s just as great as the PC versions. I definitely recommend that anyone who has tried or played the other sim games should try this as it’s great.

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Sims FreePlay APK Download for Android

I really love the sims since I was in elementary school haha. From the sims 1-4. And the Sims FreePlay now! It’s really addicted! Well, I spend my money to buy some stuff. Really good job! But I have a problem when I visit my friend, why can’t I find some stuff which my friend put it? Thank you.

Sims FreePlay download

Sims FreePlay APK Download [ Latest Version ]

Good game alot more fun and challenging if you don’t cheat but takes very long time to finish the task which sucks because you would have to wait for a day. But overall really good.

I love sims especially sims4 but Sims FreePlay just blew my mind away its so different it has quests pets magic dragons islands it’s just amazing how it takes hours or days to do and build things I mean who can argue it has a mall its just an amazing idea/game thank you electronic arts for creating such an original game that everyone loves.

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Features of the Sims FreePlay

I love it. The Favorite game of mine ever since I was a child. Could you please bring back some like the daycare, hairstyles, French, urban, spa, pocket princess, custom closet etc. I noticed that the duplicate button doesn’t work the same way as before.

Sims FreePlay apk download

Amazing. Best game I’ve ever played. Extremely trustworthy. I accidentally made my sim quit their job and when I put them back in their job it went back to the level they were on before they quit. If your thinking of downloading do it.You won’t regret it.

My favorite game! It has something for everyone. You can dress up your sims or design beautiful houses or finish different tasks. Whatever type of player you are, you are gonna like it! And so many cool interactions. New content every update. This is the best simulation game I’ve ever played.

One of the best games I ever played, fun, easy to understand. Hard to earn LPs but it’s ok. I like how the game always changes and new things happen, love the updates, uses little Internet connection. Literally the best game I ever played. Keep up the fantastic work electronic arts!!!!!!!! Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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