Superuser APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

GREAT… Just rooted an LG E720… I bought my phone unlocked and it was loaded with a bunch of junk apps from the original carrier! The phone has a decent Processor but was really slow… Using Gingerbread and Superuser I pretty much got my phone to be just as quick as some top of the line phones! Download Superuser APK with Official Latest Android Version.

Superuser apk

About The Superuser

Used it before and it was great. Not so much anymore. I can’t seem to get this or Z4Root to run on my LG K7, it just instantly freezes at downloading, or force closes upon opening when they finally do download. Still a great app though.

I honestly believe this app is awesome… If people complain that this app damaged their phone then they did not use it properly… Works 100% no problems. Learn to read what you’re doing people. Good program Now that I have it working, this program was a huge help in getting rid of a large amount of bloatware.

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Superuser APK Download for Android

Play the rule Now I understand my phone root access. Without this my app my phone was annoying. But now, I can manage my annoying applications even in system apps if you have root access and thanx with this app and developer.

Superuser APK download

Superuser APK Download [ Latest Version ]

great SuperUser apk from novice to techno junky simple and easy to use. if after updating stericson busybox SuperUser fails it’s not this apk its stericson busybox newest update. reroot and use jrummy instead. don’t blame chainsdd blame stericson for SuperUser failure.

I installed this app after rooting my phone (Samsung Ace GT-S5830i) and works great lets me know what app requires permission, suppose it is like a firewall. Also, gives me a list of what apps have permission, yes I like it. Think I have had this on my phone now for just over three months, so far never had any updates.

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Features of the Superuser

Pretty more than awesome…. I m using in a low-end device… the problem I got with this cell is no longer any memory problem…. even no ROM problem… just can uninstall reinstall edit make fool to some apps all r possible….

Superuser for android

Superuser is great for basic or new root users. I liked it. It works fine and all on my droid x running ICS but what about the newer devices running jb or kk? It’d be ashamed for this app to become a relic because the devs lack the will to update it a little more often.

It’s really nice for downloading rooted apps but not true root, root shell but hey… Im a noob so until I figure out how to create my own binary this will suffice

I’ve been using this app over years from now. Yet still no errors and bugs. Or maybe it has but you just have to reboot your phone. Love this app. Rooted phones and Custom ROM? I insist, download this app

Awesome app I got this app after a root and I thought it was a virus and I tried to uninstall it, but after some days I checked what it does and I found out that is an application that lets you manage which apps can do what on your phone. So I am really happy with this application.

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