Towelroot APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

Towelroot APK tells everything. About root access. SU version and other things which you don’t find on other root checker apps. If your phone was made after 2014 go online and download with Official Latest Android Version of Towelroot APK. I used it and my phone is rooted


works great! adding to my tool list. just the tool I was looking for. thanks a bunch for this helpful tool.

About The Towelroot

I don’t know why it’s rated as low as 4. It’s a perfect app which worlds totally fine. Provides lots of checking features.

Absolutely easy to use and fast with very less size, that’s all you needed, it works 100% accurate.

Quick and nice interface. Provides good info about the status of the phone and root. To the idiots who can’t read the info in the app description: THIS APP DOESN’T ROOT YOUR PHONE!!!! Don’t give it 1 star because it didn’t root your phone. It doesn’t claim to. It just displays the root status, which it does very well.

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Towelroot APK Download for Android

It’s a good app to check if your device is rooted or not and does not give you a fake status I have experienced. Thanks to developer

Wow!! Some of the questions in here baffle me! This does not root your phone nor do they claim to help you do it. To the person using kingroot did you flash the SuperSu zip while in recovery mode? You must do this to acquire full root. Some of you guys have no business rooting any device. Go online and educate yourselves first. Towelroot is to look into for beginners.

Towelroot APK Download [ Latest Version ]

Actually, it was more like 5 seconds. I installed, hit the “check ” button, and voila! Got the answer I needed. Perfection lives in AppVille.

This is my go to Towelroot. Simple and easy. This does not allow root access, rather it just checks whether you successfully performed the process of achieving admin root access.


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Features of the Towelroot

Towelroot only shows whether it has gotten root permission or not.It’s pretty technical for a lot of people.Please show clearly whether the device is rooted or not directly.Then people might rate it higher

Simple and easy to use. Towelroot also provided you with some information about your device, which is good. Encounter no bug so far as well.

Just download Towelroot. Install it. Try it within one minute. Simple interface. Just click check and you will see the status of your rooting status

Free, Accurate, & fast! The process gives you information that other checkers don’t, or if they do, they usually charge. The test only took about 1/2 of a second, if that…so if it’s taking a lot of time to analyze then I suggest uninstalling, reboot, and reinstall. Thanks, Dev!


This is the first phone I’ve ever rooted. Downloaded the checker and clicked check. Less than 2 seconds later it had the answer. Don’t see any issues with this app.

First time rooting a phone (the manual way) and installed this app to check I did it right, came up green. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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