TVMC APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

Made an awesome App work in my 1st gen Tab 10.1. Now I can watch this bleeding edge technology, revolutionize the future of home entertainment into something we could only once dream about until this “miracle” of watching television was spawned from the desire of wanting it all… and be wanting it now…….Or maybe “It’s pretty cool!” Download TVMC APK with Official Latest Android Version.

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About The TVMC

So good it literally hurts. I persevered with standard XBMC/kodi on an Android box for ages despite start fails, memory disasters, lags, lags and lags just cos well obviously it’s still the best thing ever. TVMC (and a cheap IR remote) fixes 95% of those problems and takes the whole concept of Android to planet Balls. Thanks, dev, small donation sent via kodi page.

very good on my Tablet Toshiba and Samsung Galaxy S3 it saved me cause Kodi stopped working on my Tablet. There are a few add-ons who do not work but the most important ones work on it. Great software.

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TVMC APK Download for Android

Witchcraft! TVMC runs so quickly on my Desire C, it HAS to be witchcraft – even my file explorer isn’t this perky. TVMC functions exactly like Kodi should, installing add-ons and browsing local files is a breeze. I’d give it 6 stars if it used the Android native keyboard instead of the on-screen kodi keyboard. Unparalleled excellence.

TVMC apk download

TVMC APK Download [ Latest Version ]

Wish Kodi was this good for Android It is the little features like the back button allowing TVMC to minimize that set this apart from the official Kodi. I really like the default launcher version of this better, maybe have two versions on the play store? Only thing I am hoping for is better H256 decoding/optimization for Android.

An excellent extension of Kodi Great job! It’s stripped of features that wouldn’t apply to mobile and screaming fast on my L3 G3. In fact, the load time is faster in this app than the full-fledged Kodi client on our HTPC. Very minimal crashes. Thanks for this contribution to the community.

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Features of the TVMC

Where Kodi failed, this succeeded on my MXQ Android Box I recently purchased a quad-core MXQ Android set-top box. I owned an earlier model that turned out to be garbage. When I received my MXQ box, Kodi was pre-loaded and the video playback was horrible. In fact, it was unwatchable. I retired the MXQ box to my closet and came across this app. I thought, “Might as well give it a shot.” I uninstalled Kodi, installed TVMC, and the box now plays to perfection. Thank you.

TVMC for android

Works on many devices the official Kodi doesn’t support I’ve used this on pretty much every Android device I have, and while it’s not the fastest thing in the world… it actually works better than Kodi on most of my devices (especially generic brand tablets). Someone has put a ton of effort into this app, and it’s much appreciated!

Great port of a super utility For all practical purposes, works exactly like the xbmc. the flexibility and scalability of XBMC platform are unparalleled. using XBMC in raspi (raspbian) and desktop( win7), got greedy and wanted it for my phone. TVMC is the only option currently for android. Also installed this on banana pro running android image. Great work! Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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