Universal Android Root APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

App is amazing I really love it. I wish I was more knowledgeable about Universal Android Root so that I could use more features but I will follow what the app said to me at the beginning and not use anything I’m not sure of. Download Universal Android Root APK with Official Latest Android Version.

Universal Android Root apk

About The Universal Android Root

I tried many but I couldn’t root my tab but by your root toolkit, I rooted my tab …….Thank you for making this app. Great app It allowed me to change permissions on a system app to delete it. Great job…

This app really helped me root my phone… To think about Universal Android Root is the only app that helped me today root my phone….. if you’re looking for an app to root your phone this is the app to install… Very good app by this dev… he is just so full of win! Awesome job!

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Universal Android Root APK Download for Android

Universal Android Root apk for android

Useful utilities all in one small package. No frills just work. Great Implementation This app flat out works for people that have root access. Thanks

Like the way it looks is it compatible with the Sony z1s locked.bootloader? Everything looks right but don’t wanna brick. Love it!!! Great app from a great developer. This app is a must to have for any root users. Thank you…

Universal Android Root APK Download [ Latest Version ]

Awesome! The app works very well and gives a nice compilation of free Root tools to use and with an easy interface.

Lots of power in one app There are many great tools packed into this app. The interface is uncluttered. Universal Android Root contains the most important tools for rooted phones and for people who change ROMs often. I particularly like the reboot options and the root protect. The Developer has developed a great app, and it says right in the description. If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t blame the developer.

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Features of the Universal Android Root

Works Well On my Phone Even Though You have said That U only Tested Nexus Phones it works quite good on my Google Play Edition Android 5.0.2 L Samsung Galaxy S4 Its been rooted from XDA and This app helps me. Thx a lot. You did a good job.

Universal Android Root for android

Excellent Root Toolkit… Universal Android Root is THE App that all root users should have. Be it may some features are experimental, this app has a clean colorable UI and excellent form. Keep doing what you do best. Cheers!

Great app Does what it says, and does a fine job at it. It bothers me that people are leaving negative reviews for this app because they assume this will root their device. For Christ’s sake, look up online how to root before you bash the dev…

Fear No More! This app is easy to use & does retain root just as it says but I personally believe it is best used along with [OTA Verifier-by same Dev] an app that can find & help with pre/post install issues, I’ve found using these two apps together really make messing around with your root a lot less terrifying. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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