VLC APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

Best player This is the best video app player in the world for Android. I just love it. VLC player Works perfectly for me. it can play literally anything and everything. I’ve used other video players from before and nothing comes even close to this. Fallen in love with VLC. Download VLC APK with Official Latest Android Version.

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About The VLC

Excellent app! Has played every type of file without any problems. Free with no ads. Highly recommended. VLC for android Its very nice and enjoyable. Pretty good It’s a better app for watching the video. I like it so much.

VLC is by far the best media playing app out there. It’s the only media player I use on my android devices as well as on my pc. It’s one of the first apps to be installed and its one of the only apps to stay for the life of the device. I very highly recommend VLC to anyone looking for a media player.

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VLC APK Download for Android

Fantastic player, In my opinion, the best and totally AD FREE all I really wanted to do was play my small collection of MKV & MP4 files & this player does that flawlessly. It’s very easier to use and all types video can be played without any problems.

VLC Apk Download For Android

VLC APK Download [ Latest Version ]

Very Good App All features are same as the desktop version. Very good App. It supports a number of different video and audio format… The only one to use Tried many other apps before coming across this ap and it’s the best.

Your app is absolutely fantastic, it’s supporting file type, speed mode, timer, audio. Your app will be better than this version if you add transparency theme, colorful theme and password protection option on directories. I hope, you can understand perfectly.

it’s really a good player for all type of videos like 3gp, mp4, and HD videos. one player for all solutions. The more important thing is easy to use not only for literate also for illiterates.

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Features of the VLC

Plays file MX player couldn’t Play a bad file which MX player couldn’t by automatically switching of h/w acceleration. Awesome… world class equalizer… Loved it too much… got a new dimension to all my audio video songs…

download vlc apk for android

Really very Good Player. It. Is very Good design for playing any type Video format. Best video player yet It plays all formats and the value and brightness are on the screen. So no buttons needed.

Excellent! Excellent player. Use it for a long time on a PC. Now, on Android. Highly recommended for every android user. The best player for all platforms Video and audio clarity at its best. Plays whatever is thrown at it.

Awesome audio & video player!! The single app does it all… Best audio & video player… It has a full-fledged equalizer, better than any other music player period… I just hope it would allow us to create & save custom equalizer settings…

I was looking for a free app that could play my videos and music in the background. So many were bad but this one is the best of them all. Best player. I can’t say anything but this is the best player I can recommend to anyone. Thanks to the developer of this app. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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