Whatsapp APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

Download Whatsapp APK Official Latest Android Version. It is a nice app, One update was given in status update, but now that removed from my mobile by itself, I want that update, to write something that is the best thing

Love this Whatsapp APK Download. Gets better with every update. 1 suggestion – it would be nice if we can dictate text via speech for those long conversations.

About Whatsapp

It’s really awesome to use and bee attached with friends there was a pencil stroke to write status is missing now

I think you should have an option to show who’s online I mean alert kind-of online status or a separate box where it shows a number of people online cause we have to go and search people online. PlZ. Work on it

It is an excellent messenger. Especially the video calling feature is great. Everyone should have this in their Android sets.

It’s a nice App but I would like to suggest to add typing status in status part which will disappear in 24 hours

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Whatsapp APK Download for Android

It’s really awesome to use and bee attached with friends there was a pencil stroke to write status is missing know

It’s nice to have status in WhatsApp, but why only 30 seconds in first playing video that can use as status, I mean I want to choose 30 seconds from any part of the videos

Whatsapp APK Download [ Latest Version ]

Need to save all receiving photos and videos in memory card It’s saving in internal memory And need themes for what’s app

To send an msg to a new number we have to first save the no. In our ph/google acc then we have to refresh our contact list in Whatsapp or wait for sync.. then we can msg to the new guy.. totally annoying.. pls add provision to msg anyone directly from the dialer itself without bothering to save contact first.. Love to listen from You…

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Features of the Whatsapp

App is nice and easy to use but their is some more feature can be provided they are missing if all the feature will be given then this app will be a complete package it will be a one of the most easg and helpfull app ever but something missing make sure that all the things may full fill. One suggestion i would like to give is conference video/call.

search option is good but y don’t u show the recent searches? that’ll b helpful please consider

I suggest that you should add a live wallpaper function too.which will make the whatsaap simply awesome.

Best mode for communication with friends and relatives. Easy to share the files with all. Stunning updates. Overall it is the best app.

The app is helpful that it makes me grateful to use it. As a user, I’d like to suggest this app to allow me to have the options to restrict people who can call and message me through Whatsapp. I know there’s “Block” but it’s not really effective. It is not applicable when the person we block is in the same whatsapp group. So looking forward to the next improvement. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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