YouTubers Life APK Download for Android

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform and has millions of videos on it. The fad in recent times has been the one where people upload videos and aim to gain more followers. YouTubers Life APK will let you achieve that in the game.

A YouTuber is a person who has a YouTube Channel, post videos online and earns money from them. It is starting to become a profession of sorts and more and more people are trying their worth on YouTube. If you want a taste of that, then you need to play YouTubers Life on Android.

YouTubers Life APK is available for both Android and iOS platform but we are only going to focus on the Android Download for the time being. The following section guides on how to download and install it for Android.

YouTubers Life APK

YouTubers Life APK Download

YouTubers Life APK is a popular game taking into account the popularity of YouTube and the recent trend about YouTube channels. Seeing how some YouTubers are popular, people are more and more into this kind of thing and they have welcomed this game with much acceptance.

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There are two methods to install the game, namely the Play Store method and APK Download method. YouTubers Life is a paid game on Google Play but you can get it for free using the second method. But the latter one is not that reliable and is not exactly legal. So, you might proceed at your own risk.

YouTubers Life Google Play

  1. Google Play Method:
    • This is the official method to get YouTubers Life but it is going to cost you ₹520 or around 8 US dollars.
    • If you are willing to shell out that many bucks for a good game, then this is the best way to go at it.
    • Launch Google Play on your smartphone or tablet.
    • Then, tap on the search bar and type YouTubers Life and press enter
    • Select the game from the search results because it will be the first one.
    • You will reach the download page now and you will see a green tab with the price on it instead of the usual Install tab.
    • Tap on the price and it will take you to the payment window.
    • Select your payment method and pay the required amount.
    • Once you’ve completed the payment, the download will start.
    • Leave the rest to Google Play and it will install YouTubers Life after the download is complete.
      YouTubers Life APK Download
  2. APK Download Method:
    • You can get the YouTubers Life APK for free using this method, but it is not guaranteed that it will work.
    • Nevertheless, it works most of the time, so get the APK file from the below link.
      YouTubers Life APK Download
      Data File
    • Download the APK and the data file from this download page.
    • The data file will be a zip file and you have to extract its contents.
    • Once both the downloads are complete, which will take some time, tap on the APK file.
    • An “Install Blocked” message will pop-up if you haven’t enabled Unknown Sources.
    • Click Settings on the message to turn it on.
    • Go back and tap “Install“. Don’t open the game yet. Copy the extracted folder and paste it into Android> obb folder of your storage.
    • Now, you can go to your home screen and open YouTubers Life and play the game.

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These were the two possible methods to get your hands on YouTubers Life APK. Of course, it is up to you which method you wanna use, but we recommend you to go for the Google Play Store method as it is the official and more reliable one.

This concludes our article on YouTubers Life APK Download. We have provided two different methods to install the game and you can choose either one of them as you like. If you have anything that you’d like to ask us, then do it at Browsys.

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